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Costs for Dementia Care Far Exceeding Other Diseases, Study Finds

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Communication can be a challenging aspect of caring for someone with dementia. For some helpful tips and ideas for improved communication, clickhere

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Newfound gene linked to amyloid beta plaque buildup in Alzheimer's disease

What are the benefits of person centered care?

Improved quality of life

By routinely engaging in social activities and being encouraged to engage in past pleasures, those with dementia are more likely to have better relationships with their caregivers which improves their overall psychological well being.

Less agitation

By respecting those with dementia and allowing freedom of choice regarding their activities of daily living, studies show a decrease in verbal agitation and behaviors.

Improved self esteem

By maintaining autonomy, those with dementia are more likely to express positive sense of self which will reduce feelings of grief, anxiety and anger.


taking a person centered, strengths based approach to care